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Got Bannock? needs your help

Althea Guiboche has faced many obstacles and overcome many problems in her way as donations for her charitable Got Bannock? initiative is cutting back to once a month.

For those who might not know, Got Bannock? prepares and hands out food on the corner of Main Street and Dufferin Avenue to the homeless and the food insecure.

Though the Got Bannock website states that food and other supplies are handed out on the first and third Sundays of every month. Dwindling donations and volunteers have forced her to cut back to once a month. 

"I need someone who is good at proposal writing," said Guiboche. "I was trying to do that but that fell through."

Guiboche admits that it's hard to wear so many hats at one time and that her limitations include her education. 

Now that she is on Employment Income Assistance, Guiboche is hoping to take training that will help her preparing grant proposals.

 A typical day for Got Bannock? is for her to meet with her volunteers, that she calls the "bannock army," at the Sergeant Tommy Prince Place at 90 Sinclair Street. 

The army gathers at 11:00 am. The "veterans" as Guiboche says will help the new volunteers get organized and begin work. Most of the time, a hot option of either soup or chili is served along with bannock. In the summer months, sandwiches are available.

However, Guiboche also likes to add in items like tooth brushes, toiletries and season related wear like scarves or gloves with the food. That all depends on the donations received though. 

The foundation of her motivation comes from her knowledge that at one time Indigenous people were all part of a larger community where people looked out for each other. 

Guiboche started out in 2013 just handing out bannock to homeless  people on the street. Got Bannock? became a registered charity in 2017. 

And through all her own ups and downs that life throws at you, Guiboche continues to help out when she can. 

Guiboche ran unsuccessfully for the provincial Liberal Party. 

And her efforts have been recognized with a 2013 Manitoba Heroes Award, a 2014 Manitoba Human Rights Commitment Award, a 2017 Senate of Canada Award for Indigenous Leadership and a 2018 Meritorious Service Medal. 

In addition, she was also tapped as a TEDxWinnipeg speaker. 

To donate, Guiboche said you can follow links from her Got Bannock? Website ( and follow the links to donate.

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